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Mutative Worldline

Introduction video

This game is a team project on 2018 CIGA Game Jam in Shanghai. Our team consists of three programmers (Alex, Azuo,Nancy),  one game designer (Xiao Pan), one artist (Junyao Hu) and me (I was responsible for the main artwork).



A little creature Poto gets lost in a strange and dreamy place, and begins an adventure of finding his way home in a changing world.


The player controls Poto to experience thrilling adventure in a fantasy world where a worldline continually changes the world.


The area scanned by the worldline will transform into another world, and the gravity will also change. The player makes use of these changes to solve puzzles. Besides, the worldline is uncontrolled by the player, it moves at a constant speed, which requires the player to think carefully about positions and timing before crossing the line.

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