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  • Julia Wang


Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Three animations: idle, shock, and running.

The idle animation has 3 keyframes, 1D blend. I thought it could be better if I can make the transition between the last two frames slower than the first frame. I tried to adjust the Threshold and animation speed in the Motion Field, but it didn’t show any difference.

The Shock animation also has 3 keyframes, 1D blend. I set the transition condition to a trigger.

The running animation has 4 keyframes, 2D blend. I spent most of the time recording the keyframes to make the running animation look good. And I pretty like the result.

There’s one problem that happened a lot during the process of making the animation clip when I disable my keyframe recording, instead of staying in T pose, the model’s rotation also changed, which also influenced the clips I recorded before, so I had to adjust the model pose back to T pose to prevent the unexpected rotation influence the clips I made before.

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